The Counting Game

Dear Isaac is my nephew with an unidentified auditory processing disorder and dyscalculia, all mixed with a heavy dose of emotional distress. He’s a bright, creative youngster with strengths in science and art. But as a third grader, he still can’t add or subtract single digit numbers without his fingers. If we hadn’t used Alan Walker’s multiplication methodology, […]

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The Counting Game and Dyscalculia

In terms of dyscalculia, it is such an understated topic, with students simply struggling through the day to day mathematics classes.

I wrote the book The Counting Game, by Cynthia Fabian to help these students achieve their goals.  But most importantly to find their way to overcome these struggles and achieve their goals.

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Here is an article from Sage that is extremely helpful, please take a look:




Finding your Perception in Math

Also, Understood has an interesting and informative article about dyscalculia:

Interesting piece about perception…



Also, read The Counting Game, by Cynthia Fabian

It will give you a perception of how it feels to be a kid with dyscalculia.  The bullying, the struggling, but Max handles it all with a sense of humor.