Cynthia Fabian

A writer and author of 6 books, living the quiet life in Venice, Florida.  A retired teacher of English and ELL, the passion for helping children still exists.

Working in the inner city of New York, I found my reason for writing children’s books. And the reason for writing The Counting Game is one that was important, as 7% of the student population has dyscalculia.  So, it is the first book of its kind, addressing a serious issue in a humorous way.

A ghost writer, finding a way to help many people who wish to tell their stories.


Some books:

The Counting Game, by Cynthia Fabian




Orchestra in Our Brain, About a Child with Epilepsy

Can’t and Able, An Inspirational Story-Anti-Bullying

Second Hand Art, A Community Survives a Hurricane

Erica’s Tripod-About a Girl with Muscular Dystrophy

And Just for Adults:

Those Sweet Nothings-About Dates Gone Wrong