Great work with kids and math

There are a bunch of people doing really good and interesting work with math and kids these days. Sasha Fradkin is one of these. She has a gift for tapping deep into kids’ mathematical minds and for writing about the beautiful ideas she finds there. She has written a book—Funville Adventures—that is definitely worth your […]

via A delightful new book on Kickstarter — Talking Math with Your Kids

1 thought on “Great work with kids and math”

  1. There is so much work for people who excel in math to do. With kids that stuggle with dyscalculia, schools keep getting it wrong.

    That is why I have a protagonist with dyscalculia. It is middle-grade fiction and 164 pages.

    It is free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and 2.99 otherwise. Please take a look for a resource.


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